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Why is this not produced yet?

This project started out to be a short film and the writers first produced film. However after talking to a few veterans and a few industry professionals, it was suggested the short become an actual feature and use the trailer to create a short film that would introduce the story when played at film festivals as that was the original goal of the short. 

What is the new title?

The new title, although a working one and still may be changed, is A Soldier's War. 

The story currently being looked at is still going to speak of the major topics planned in the short. PTSD, Veterans, & Homelessness. 

Why is the titled changed?

This project was purposely written as a short so the script fulfilled the beginning, middle and end. However, the writer felt that this was an opportunity to touch on specific subjects more in-depth to make more relatable to it's audience while telling a compelling story. The writer is trying to keep some of the original ideas while changing the synopsis and adding more characters.

Why do you need money now?

Filmmaking is not something that is done over night.  Often a movie can take up to 3 years to be made. 

The ownership of the story has set up an account for all funds towards this project to be placed in one account. 

The money will go towards the cost of development that will include but limited to, location scouting, meetings, travel, deposits if needed for permits etc. 

Why is the titled changed?

The feature is currently in what is called development. In other words it is being outlined, written re-written, revised. Once the script is completed or "locked" The next step will be determined as it could go into pre-production and produced by an independent company or optioned & sold to a distributor or producer. 

This decision has yet to be made.

Why donate to the movie when I can donate to charity like A Wounded Soldier?

The writer had originally planned on donating a percentage of the donations to the short film to relatable charity. Now that the film is going in a different direction, the owner of the story is looking at a variety of possibilities for money to go towards either a non-profit or a specific person or family if not a few.