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This is an original peice from am unproduced film called Ok Cupid. This story deals with the life of Amelia, a woman (can really be any age) who has just moved into her new apartment after a month long stay in an unsecured mental health facility. Amelia doesn't believe in the word normal. mostly because she has not witnessed anything to come close to how it's been described such as "to be normal." Amelia's long stay was not due to anything severe other than the fact she didn't have a place to go and the hospital's policy was for her to not leave until they could confirm she would be moving into an actual place. Her last two weeks in the hospital, she spent making that a possibility.

In this monologue, it has been a few months since Amelia's hospital stay. She is in a local cafe, working on her writing, as she has always dreamt about being a published author.
She over hears a group of women talking about a very specific topic, in fact its the main topic that had Amelia make the decision to admit herself into the psychiatric ward, because as much as she not just wanted to but felt that there really was no purpose for her existence she soon came to the realization that right now, her main purpose was to reunite back with her children no matter what or how that was defined, meaning even if it only meant weekly visits for 1 full day or weekend visits etc. She was determined to change was the custody order currently read.

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Amelia's Story